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Facebook has not just emerged as the coveted billion member-backed social media platform. But it has also become a potent platform to reach out to billions of prospective customers, buyers, viewers, and users globally. Aptly chosen and professionally designed Facebook ad templates enables businesses to get more customers with ease and grace. InVideo offers the broadest range of Facebook ad templates, which can meet users’ needs both in terms of creativity and potency. Here are some tips for finding the best Facebook ad template and how to create Facebook ads to meet the specific needs of the ad campaign or business goals.

Driving traffic to the site

If you are looking forward to driving traffic to your website via Facebook, then make use of carousel ads. InVideo offers hundreds of readymade Facebook ad templates to choose from to generate more clicks and views. A carousel ad allows users to display 2 to 10 images or critical communication to the audience within a single ad. This type of advertisement is aptly suited for not just telling the brand story but also showcasing the product via multiple perspectives. 

This kind of ad template allows the advertiser to understand and evaluate how different types of the audience to interact with the ad. Secondly, the sale usually gets boosted as customers already develop a particular understanding and knowledge of the product. With this ad template, you are not just educating people about your product but also help in driving quality traffic to the website. 

Enhancing the post engagement

People on Facebook usually skim thorough hundreds of posts; therefore, to stand out; ‘posts’ should be made suspenseful. When posts are suspenseful or given a break from the monotony of posts, then people start interacting with the brand better. People start waiting for the new breakout posts from the brand and thus helps the brand in getting a good base of loyal customers or audience. This kind of Facebook ad template features an image with a single focal point coupled with a divisive headline. The copy of the post should also make a strong pitch for the subject of photo and headline, thereby arousing people’s interest to the next level. It will finally result in getting high engagement on the posts in the form of likes, shares, and comments.

For establishing brand awareness

Nothing works better than a video ad when it comes to promoting the business and increasing awareness at the same time. Video ads are known for their simplicity in showcasing the brand or product by keeping the user engaged and entertained. The best way to capture the fickle attention on Facebook is to make use of a bold and divisive thumbnail image which attracts the audience ultimately. To make the video more exciting, try to showcase the main character in mid-action, thereby compelling the audience to go forward and watch the whole ad. The template for this ad will feature a character in mid-action in the image. The brand logo should be inserted in the Page profile, carefully worded post copy describing the brand and a CTA button.

Increasing mobile app installs

One of the major things overlooked by the businesses is the ‘optimization’ of the ads for mobile users exclusively. If you are promoting mobile apps, then it becomes necessary to focus ads optimized for mobile devices to boost the rate of the mobile application installs. This particular kind of Facebook ad template will allow you to showcase how your app will be used in differing conditions. 

This template will feature the images of the app in use, a call to action button, value proposition laid out in the post copy and the rating of the application. The advertiser gets the chance to increase the mobile app install by linking it directly to the app. Please ensure that the app store has detailed information regarding downloading and installing the app on mobile devices.

Drive attendance with Facebook ad template

Facebook ads have made it extremely easy to drive participation for any event with just a few clicks. These Facebook ad templates help in increasing the awareness about the event with ease and simplicity. These ad templates help in describing how the event is unique from others, what to expect in this event and its place and time. With a single glance, people will be able to know all the important information regarding the event, and if they are interested, then they can let the event managers know. This certainly helps in increasing the overall footfall of the event and can make it a massive success by ‘trending’.

Gather leads, boost sign-ups

Every business needs to collect leads to reach out to new potential customers. Choosing the right Facebook ad template can work wonders in collecting leads with better precision and accuracy. In this ad template, the focus is given towards showing the value of the product along with ensuring that it stands out from the rest. For gathering leads, best ad templates are those, which pose a ‘question’ to the public then offer them ‘answer’ as a significant feature of the product or service. Showcasing the ‘value proposition’ clearly and smartly is the key to this kind of Facebook ad template.

Promoting ‘discount offers’ to pump up sales

To pump up the sales, nothing works better than offering discounts through promo code and coupons. Utilizing different Facebook ad templates like offer ad template or image ad template will help in see and claim the coupons or discounts. The template here will lay out exactly what users will be getting through their interaction with the ad. To promote your discount, please ensure that you give a shout out to the ‘discount’ both in the image and post a copy of the ad. Rather than using just the images you can also create video from photos to make it more engaging. Calling out the discount in more than two places will help in catching the attention of the user, and it will arouse curiosity among them. In the end, it will help in giving a significant boost to the overall sales for the product or service quickly. 

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