Everything you need to know about The Qatari World Cup

Already on March 24-25, the UEFA representative teams started in the group qualifying stage of the World Cup, the final part of which will take place next winter on the fields of Qatar.

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UEFA will be represented by 13 teams in the 2022 World Cup, in which 55 national teams will compete. This is one more contender than in 2018. But if at the Russian World Cup the Europeans were represented by 14 national teams, then in 2022 there will be one less team from UEFA, for obvious reasons. The brighter the fight will be!

What is the situation for other associations? At the World Cup in Qatar, in addition to the hosts themselves and 13 UEFA representatives, we will see:

5 African teams. In CAF, the qualification takes place in three rounds: the first is preliminary, in which 28 weakest teams participate; the second is the group stage of 10 quartets, wherein 6 rounds, taking place from May 31 to October 12, 2021, we will find out the names the 10 best teams that took first places in their groups. And, finally, the third, playoffs – 10 teams that have passed the second round will be divided into pairs by lot, after which the strongest will be determined in two matches (home and away).

4 teams from Asia excluding Qatar. 40 teams were divided into 8 quintets, and after a two-round rally 12 of them (8 group winners and 4 strongest among the runners-up) go to the last stage. The third round – two groups of 6 teams in 2 circles, the best 4 will go further. The fourth round – two teams that took 3rd places in the previous stage will determine in two matches which of them will go to the intercontinental joints.

3 teams from the CONCACAF zone, that is, North and Central America. Here, similarly, we will find out the names of the lucky ones after three rounds. The first, which started in March 2021, is a preliminary group stage, consisting of 6 quintets, after 10 rounds the winners of the groups go further. The second – a two-legged fight, following which the strongest trio will advance to the decisive stage. The third – the trio of the winners of the second round will get into the group, where the hegemons in the person of the USA, Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, and Costa Rica will already be waiting for them, and after the two-round draw 1-3 places will receive the right to represent the region at the 2022 World Cup, and the fourth team will go to the intercontinental joints.

4 teams from the CONMEBOL zone (South America). One group of 10 teams that will compete in a tournament to get into the top 4; the fifth-placed team goes to the intercontinental joint.

Besides, the best team from Oceania will take part in the playoffs.