Emotional Support Animals- All you need to know

Due to some incidents in life, we all tend to lose all sense of hope and positivity for the upcoming future ahead. Such a condition of despair and helplessness often renders even the best of us feeling closer to a mental breakdown. Such a psychological state can prove to be extremely harmful to people who live alone or feel vulnerable all the time. Hence, to help them come out of their shell and resume living life the way before, emotional support animals play a crucial role.

What are emotional support animals or ESA?

ESA or Emotional Support Animals refers to the animals who offer support and comfort to their owners on a regular basis so that they feel better about themselves physically. These furry friends are not supposed to be confused with pets as their primary job is to provide therapy to people who are reeling and recovering from any kind of mental blow. They are very different from their counterparts who are trained to be service animals as they are specially equipped to help people with physical disabilities. For example, they are trained to help the blind or pull wheelchairs for individuals who may be unable to do so on their own. On the contrary, emotional service animals do not receive any such instructions and people have them around just to seek sheer joy in their company.

How do I get one?

Dogs and cats are the most commonly found animals for this segment but for that matter, any domestic animal can qualify. To get the process started, you need to have a document which states and proves that you have a mental condition and your animal helps you to deal with it. Though the letter is acceptable if written by a medical doctor, yet it would be better to have it from a psychiatrist or a therapist. If you already have a pet, you can have it assigned to be qualified as your ESA. Find a licensed professional to help you out either in a physical capacity or online. The next step is to procure the letter. You can find more information in this article How To Get An ESA Letter Online to get started with the procedure. You may either apply for the ones which include a travel attachment that will allow you to fly with your animal. Alternatively, a housing letter will ease your way to lease a home or apartment with your emotional support pet.

They are good for everyone

Those days are not so uncommon when nothing goes right in the day and you come home feeling all spent. Now imagine how good you will feel if your dog just comes to you and starts playing with you. In a few moments, you will forget all about it and will get cheered up. Few animal behaviorists have a theory that submissive gestures of animals are indicative of them feeling what you are going through and that is why they try to be a little empathetic. They have an ability to gauge human moods by the body language, voice, tone, and actions. So, having such a pet around can be really amazing!

The Bottom Line

Life is beautiful and it becomes more worthwhile to live it when you have your furry animal beside you. Animals have an innate capability to nurture and become companions for a long time. The helping paws will help you bring a new lease in your daily routine.