Easy Tips To Go The Extra Mile With Dog Grooming

Being a dog owner is fun, but a lot of effort goes into good care of your pet. Think beyond the regular vet visits and diet management because grooming is another part you cannot miss out on. Good grooming can make you a proud pet owner as you have a flaunt-worthy companion. Even if you do not expect your furry friend to win a dog pageant, you will want it to look good at all times. You can go the extra mile with grooming by doing more than taking your pet to a salon. Here are some easy tips to make your canine look and feel its best.

Double up on exercise

Exercise does more than keep your canine companion healthy. It also ensures the best look with a fit body, just as with people. The last thing you want to deal with is an overweight pet because even the best grooming routine will not be enough. So make sure you take the dog out for its daily runs and schedule indoor exercise for it. As a bonus, you will have a good bonding time together.

Invest effort in canine dental hygiene

Healthy teeth are a part of dog grooming, but sadly, most owners end up skimping on dental hygiene. Dogs need it all the more because they cannot brush their teeth after meals, yet they are susceptible to dental issues just like humans. Starting early is the key as the animal feels comfortable with daily cleaning and massaging with regular practice. Invest in the right tools and master the technique.

Know your dog’s coat

Going the extra mile with grooming requires a good understanding of its coat. Canines with long, flowing coats have specific needs for shampoos, conditions, and combs. Picking the right products is crucial to meet these needs. Investing in a  tool like Curry on a Stick can make grooming, massaging, and bathing a breeze. Your furry friend will love its feel as well. Brushing is vital as it removes the dead hair from the animal’s coat and keeps it shining and healthy.

Seek professional help

You may be great with daily grooming. But it is challenging to handle the entire responsibilities alone. For example, trimming your pet’s nails may seem like a major task. It makes sense to seek professional help for such intricate jobs. You can book a monthly appointment with a groomer to do the needful. But make sure that you do not miss out on the daily routine.

Cultivate grooming-love

As a pet owner, you are responsible for ensuring that your canine companion imbibes the right behavior and habits. You can cultivate grooming love in your dog by investing time and effort. Everything boils down to fostering a strong bonding with the pet so that it feels comfortable with activities like brushing its teeth and coat and trimming its nails. Talk to the animal gently, and do your best to make the sessions enjoyable..

A little extra effort with dog grooming ensures better looks and health for your pet. Follow these easy tips, and you can make the process a breeze.