Don’t let the cold hamper your Pooch’s Winter Fun

The winter season is here, which means more bundling up and sipping that hot cuppa coffee all the time. But this chill affects not only us but also our furry friends. Just because dogs have a thick coat of fur does not mean that they are not susceptible to cold. In fact, there are many cases every cold season of dogs falling sick. And the most common symptoms are not a sneeze but a cough or watery eyes with a dripping nose. It may feel harrowing to see your four-footed baby being sick all the time. Hence, follow these ideas to keep your furry pooch well protected against the harshness of dipping temperatures.

Wrapping them on the Walks

It is very important to cover your dog well when you take it out for its regular walk. Like humans, furry babies can’t get acclimatized to the huge temperature difference compared to the coziness of your home. Make sure that you always have its warm dog coat on to protect it from the chilly winds.

Paw Cleaning and Care

The area between the toes is a place where a lot of dirt and grit gets accumulated. Just not that, in the days of snow, you still take your doggie out for walks and potty. The salt on the snow also gets between the toes. Sometimes, all compacted things can become balls, and that condition could become very painful. So, as a general practice of hygiene, you should always keep their paws and toes dry and clean all the time

Dietary Changes + Supplements

The dark and gloomy weather affects animals just like us. And because there are lesser hours of sunlight, it affects their moods and general cheeriness, impacting their diet. If you see that your dog is not eating well, you should make some dietary changes accordingly. If your dog tends to gain weight due to seasonal activeness, give it the food that can help it stay fit with the right weight. Along with that, if your dog needs any supplements, go about it with the veterinary doctor’s advice.

Do not leave them alone for longer hours

Weather changes affect the indoor temperature of cars too. As it gets unbearably hot in summers, it can get equally biting in the cold too. So, as a thumb rule, never leave your dog alone in the car or anywhere, no matter how short you think the time frame could be. A shopping trip in a mart could always take longer than expected. So, you should always pre-plan in accordance.

Avoid frozen and cold areas

Frostbites is a condition when your dog’s body gets very cold. As a reflexive action, the body of Our Pooches pulls and centers the blood towards the vital organs of the body like the heart and liver to keep them functioning optimally.

This can result in the paws, tails, and ears getting so cold that they could develop ice crystals on the tissues inside. Such a situation could be very damaging. You should always look out for any kind of pale or grey skin.

Also, in the case of hypothermia, the effect may not be very obvious at first. Apart from general coldness in the body, your dog may display signs of depression, lethargy, and weakness. If that progresses any further, it could also result in muscle stiffness, a slower heart rate, and breathing, and in severe cases, your dog could stop reacting to any stimuli.

Winter months require you to be very alert and active around your dogs. These months are extra harsh on them, and thus, you should always keep a close watch out for them.

Cozy Bedding

After a busy day playing indoors and outdoors, your pooch needs to have cozy and warm bedding to sleep in. Use lots of dog blankets to create a snug environment. Also, if you have a concrete or tiled floor, in that case, use raised beds to keep your dogs safe from the unforgiving temperatures. booties

Winter Booties

You should also get your dog special booties for the winter months so that it can easily walk on the grounds and play its heart out without having to feel any chilled weather. It also saves their feet from being wet from the melted snow and keeps a general protective coating all over.

To Wrap Up

Dogs need special care in the winter months. They also get prone to get sick. So, it becomes very important that they are looked after in every way. Make sure that your dog avoids all the frozen and cold areas. And if possible, try to discourage outdoor frolicking without the sun as much as you can. Moisturization and hydration therapy also matter a lot. We hope you have happy winters with your fur baby, keeping in mind all these winter protection ideas.