Did you know you can be an eco-friendly pet owner?

We don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that if you’re a dedicated pet owner, you might be a little more inclined to try and take care of our planet and all the creatures we share it with – not just your own pet! Here are a few easy, simple ways to become a more eco-friendly pet owner.

Mind your poo!

Starting off strong, chances are your dog or cat poos at least twice a day. How you dispose of that poo can make a significant impact on the planet! If you’re picking up after your dog, think twice about the single-use plastic bags you might be using to dispose of it. Try carrying a small trowel on your walks and burying the poo instead, using compostable bags, or flushing it away.

However, if you’re a cat owner, don’t flush their poo! Cat poo contains parasites that our sewage systems aren’t equipped to filter out. Alternatively, throw it away or use eco-friendly litter. You could even make your own from sawdust, leaves or shredded paper.

Use eco-friendly dog toys

Another place in which single-use plastic often crops up in pet care is in toys, but there are alternatives available! Natural chews and treats such as pig ears or dog-safe bones are a great option for those who are conscious of their planetary impact. Eco-dog toys from the Wild Thought shop are also made from natural food-grade rubber that is 100% biodegradable and harvested from FSC Certified Forests.

Planet-friendly pet food

Nowadays, we put much more thought into what we consume than we ever have before, so why don’t we extend this to our pets? For cats and dogs, you should opt for lower-impact meats like chicken where possible, and stay away from beef as it is the most harmful to our environment and has the highest carbon footprint than any other meat. And while the idea of human-grade meat for your pooch might sound nice, this puts more pressure on the food industry to source that meat. Try looking for foods that contain animal byproducts like organs and bonemeal, or with plant-based contents.

For pets who don’t eat meat, most of your concern should be in the packaging. Shop for loose fresh fruit and veg where you can to avoid plastic bags or shrinkwraps. For seeds and feed mixes, buy in bulk, ensure the packaging is fully recyclable, or even mix your own (after having conducted sufficient research).

Make your own treats

There are so many recipes out there that are quick and easy to make. From peanut butter and banana treats to frozen apple bites that will both nourish and cool down your dog in the summer months, homemade treats can help save you money and the planet! If you really don’t have time to put together some culinary creations for your furry friends, then lots of eco-friendly treats are available to buy that are both better for the planet and your pet.