CBD for dogs; 4 things you should keep in mind

In recent years, there has been a rise in the legal marijuana market along with an increased need for natural healthcare since veterinary costs are quite high. This has led to dog owners looking at CBD as a natural remedy for their pet’s issues such as seizures, arthritis, anxiety, pain and even inflammation. Both dogs and humans have an endocannabinoid system that can be influenced by CBD in regulating a wide variety of functions such as immunosuppression, mood and sleep. CBD is known to bind with the cannabinoid receptors in order to produce balance and homeostasis in the body. With all these benefits in mind, here are some things you should know about before giving your dog CBD.

Always check the certificate of analysis

The first thing you should do before buying CBD for your dog is to check the certificate of analysis (COA) on the label of the bottle. This contains the lab test results showing exactly how much THC and CBD the product has. You should get a product with no THC in it, especially for your dogs. There are three tests that you should be on the lookout for, namely heavy metals test, microbial test and pesticides test. It is best to move on to another seller if you can not find these three tests on the CBD product from the seller.

Do not use hemp oil instead of CBD

Beware of products that are labelled as hemp oil. Hemp oil has no positive effect on your dog’s health and does not provide the same benefits that CBD gives. You can even go for a Cannabis tincture, but make sure that it has at least 150mg of CBD in it. If the product is labeled hemp seed oil instead of hemp oil, it can be given to pups if CBD is added to it. Be sure to check the COA before buying the product.

Use broad spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD not only includes cannabidiol, it also includes terpenes and cannabinoids. These naturally occurring ingredients combine with CBD to have an amplified effect. This has zero amount of THC, but has all the other ingredients that offer the benefits you might be looking for. This has a more potent effect than CBD isolate and is a great way to help manage your dog’s anxiety, pain and even arthritis.

Always check the dosage

Since CBD for dogs has been legal since 2018, your vet will definitely have some knowledge about it’s use for your pets. Since it is not regulated by an external authority, it is difficult to get information about the exact dosage your dog might need. A study conducted in 2018 proved that CBD is both effective and safe to use for osteoarthritic dogs. The research performed in this showed that the best dosage for dogs should be according to their weight. This dose is 2mg/kg, so if your dog weighs 5kgs, you should give them 10mg of CBD.

CBD is very effective in treating and dealing with a lot of ailments such as pain and anxiety. Remember to check all of the above mentioned points before giving your dog CBD.