Most Popular Fish Breeds as Pets

Fish are one of the most popular animals kept as pets. Just watching them swim in the fishbowl makes you feel relaxed. They are relatively inexpensive to keep as well as low on maintenance. Freshwater fish, in particular, is affordable and easy to keep and maintain — all you need is just … Read more

Interesting Facts About Rabbits


Rabbits are one of the popular animals kept as pets. Aside from looking adorable, they are generally clean animals that are easy to train and housebreak. If you decide to own one, stop at this article first and read some more fascinating and interesting facts about rabbits, including where to find the … Read more

20 Interesting Facts about Guinea Pigs

Interesting Facts about Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are one of the most popular rodents that are kept as pets. They are funny, innocent and cute little creatures. They can be very affectionate once they get to know their owners. If you own a guinea pig, you might know about their likes, dislikes, and personality. But how much … Read more

Interesting Facts About Gold Fish

The goldfish (Carassius auratus) is one of the common pet fish. They’re easy to obtain — almost all pet shops have goldfish — as well as easy to keep. You’d think that there’s nothing more to learn about goldfish as they are almost ubiquitous, but check out these goldfish facts that may … Read more

Most Popular Birds as Pets


A lot of bird species are usually kept as pets. They are known for their beauty and make good companions. Smaller birds ideal for first-time owners, apartment dwellers, and children who wish to take care of one. While bigger and more gregarious birds should better be handled by experienced owners. The following … Read more

Different Types of Pet Lizards

Lizards as pets are getting more popular these days, and they fall under the category of exotic pets. Smaller lizards are usually good for beginners. Larger and more high-maintenance lizards, on the other hand, should be handled by experienced owners who are willing to devote their ample time to caring them. We … Read more

Most Popular US Pets

Most Popular US Pets

Undoubtedly, dogs and cats top the list of most popular pets in the US – the Americans own about 74.8 million dogs and 88.3 million cats. Pets serve as the best companions, and the Americans love pets with all their heart! Pets don’t just fill in the emptiness in the owner’s life … Read more

Knowing What Is Safe to Feed a Pet Parrot

Knowing What Is Safe to Feed a Pet Parrot

Keep your parrot healthy and happy by feeding it the right foods Parrots are delightful pets to keep. Not only do they have the most colorful and beautiful plumage of all the birds, but they can also keep you company with their pleasant mimicking of human voices and other tricks if they’re … Read more

Choosing a Small Pet

Three guinea pigs

Want a small pet? Many homeowners still want to keep a pet, other than a dog or a cat, so they opt for small pets. However small they are, choosing these pets is no small job either. With their adorable size alone, not to mention different colors and fur patterns, it can … Read more