Canine Fitness- Why Is Daily Exercise Important For Your Dog

Just as staying fit is vital for you, it matters equally for your furry companions. You may give them the best food and care but lack of physical activity can make them lethargic, anxious, and unhealthy. Obviously, the daily walks become all the more important for your pet because they don’t just give them a chance to relieve themselves outdoors but also keep them active and healthy. If you haven’t been concentrating on canine fitness lately, here are some reasons why you must ensure a proper exercise routine for your dog.

Slows down aging

Although you cannot prevent your dog from getting older, there is still much you can do to ward off age-related canine diseases. Focusing on regular exercise for the animal is important to slow down the aging process. While it keeps the dog fit, activity also enhances mental alertness to a considerable extent. Though you must have a routine for pets of all ages, it has to be realigned for senior dogs based on their energy levels.

Strengthens your bond

Taking your dog out for exercise every day means that you would be spending more quality time with the animal. Participation in an engaging, shared activity goes a long way in strengthening the human-animal bond. Moreover, dogs make amazing workout partners for humans as they never back off and neither do they complain. Just create a workout plan that is right for both and you will have a wonderful time together and be healthy as well.

Combats anxiety

Exercise boosts the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones, in humans as well as animals. Pet parents who go the extra mile with ensuring a good workout routine for their dogs are most likely to have a happier and calmer companion. It becomes all the more important for certain breeds like Golden doodle because lack of activity can lead to behavioral issues in them. Exercise results in mental stimulation, so you can expect the animal to steer clear of attention-seeking and destructive behaviors.

Makes them obedient

Pet parents who complain about their dogs not being obedient enough can derive hefty benefits by investing in an exercise plan for the animal. Playing with the dog and teaching it new games strengthens the mutual relationship and builds trust and understanding. You can expect the animal to be more obedient as it will be able to understand your language and commands.

Encourages socialization

Like humans, canines also need to learn to get along with people and their peers in the social context. The playground is the best place to teach them social and communication skills, so you need to take them out every day and let them mingle with other people and animals out there. An early start is the best thing you can do for them, which is the reason why training is encouraged from a young age.

A proper exercise program is key to canine health. You need to realize that leisurely strolls wouldn’t suffice because most breeds need ample aerobic activity to stay fit. Talk to a trainer and get some insights for a tailored plan that would work the best for your dog.