Boarding Your Dog? Essential Tips All Dog Owners Should Know

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Are you looking for boarding kennels for dogs? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over what to look for when boarding your dog.

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Visit the Facility First

Make sure you speak with the staff members before you commit to a facility. Plan a tour of the place so that you can learn more about the kennel.

Ask about the kind of exercise your dog will get there. Are the staff available to play with your dog?

Do they have a protocol for when they need to handle a medical emergency? Find out if the kennel has a history of dogs escaping or fighting.

Is Your Dog Vaccinated?

Most kennels only accept dogs with updated vaccinations. Others might also want to see that your dog has had a bordetella shot to help prevent kennel cough.

Call your local vet and find out if your pet’s due for any shots. Make sure you bring a copy of your pet’s veterinary records. This way, you can show that your pet’s vaccinations are current.

Fill out the Kennel’s Paperwork

Take your time reading the kennel’s paperwork. Include all your contact information in case the kennel needs to reach you. Include your veterinarian’s contact information on the form as well.

Ask the kennel what they do in case there’s an emergency. Ask them where they bring the pet for treatment.

Call early and get the paperwork in advance. You’ll have enough time to get the information needed.

Explain Any Behavior Quirks

Does your dog have any strange behaviors? Are they food or toy protective? Do they have separation anxiety?

The staff will keep an eye out for your pet when all the dogs head out for playtime. This way, they can make sure your dog isn’t in a tricky situation.

Bring Your Pet’s Favorite Toys

Your dog will feel at ease if there are familiar items around. Ask your kennel if they let you bring these items first. If so, pack a few toys and your dog’s favorite blanket and bed.

Don’t Change Your Dog’s Diet

You don’t want your beloved dog to have digestive problems from a new diet. Ask the kennel if you can bring your dog’s regular food.

Most kennels let the dogs eat the same food they do at home. If there are special feeding instructions, include them in a note.

Remain Calm While Dropping Your Pet Off

When you have to bring your pet to the kennel, make sure you remain positive when dropping your dog off.

You don’t want to upset your pet. Your dog will feel a little more relaxed while in the new surroundings.

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Now You Know More About Boarding Your Dog

We hope this guide on boarding kennels for dogs was helpful. When boarding your dog, provide any special instructions to the kennel owner.

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