Bird lovers, you need this smart bird feeder camera

How would you like to watch cute birds online with your Iphone, Android or laptop? Do you want to capture more beautiful bird moments? Then as a bird lover, you need this smart bird feeder camera to solve your curiosity.

Smart bird feeder camera, one of the best-selling products in camera and surveillance, allows you to watch your yard from your phone anytime, anywhere. You can not only enjoy bird watching, but this smart bird feeder camera also acts as a hidden camera that notifies you whenever there is any movement in your yard.

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine the health of birds by just looking at them on a given day. This smart bird feeder camera can notify you first when a bird visits your bird feeder. You can better judge the health of birds through multiple moments of observation, making the life of bird lovers around the world easier.

What are the features of smart bird feeder camera?

  1. smart bird feeder camera provides you with 24-hour garden live streaming through your phone or tablet. It supports both iOS and Android devices and is compatible with Wi-Fi connections. The image quality is HD resolution (720p).
  2. smart AI recognition bird feeder with HD pixel camera automatically captures and identifies all incoming mature visitor birds, takes their photos and videos, and organizes them into a beautiful collection to enjoy and enjoy easily sharing with friends Share with family.
  3. smart bird feeder camera can identify birds based on songs and photos. Its microphone and AI can help you identify birds in various situations. If photos and songs are not clear enough, the camera’s Photo ID feature will identify the species in the photo. This feature is especially useful when you’re photographing individual birds in the field. The camera performs best on larger images of a single bird.
  4. smart bird feeder camera has the world’s leading identification chip technology and algorithms, based on a powerful bird database service provider. You can view more detailed information and introduction about birds through Wikipedia, or you can browse more detailed information directly through the APP.
  5. smart bird feeder camera with night vision function, HD camera with 1080P color day and night vision function, can monitor bird feeder at night.
  6. smart bird feeder camera bracket and UV resistant ABS plastic provide a very reliable and safe home for birds. Meanwhile, the 2.5L large capacity container can hold enough bird food. You don’t need to add bird food often.

Smart bird feeder camera battery life

While most digital cameras have a long battery life, smart bird feeder cameras usually do not have the same.

They are intended to be used anywhere and are designed to take photos and videos. So to ensure the longest possible battery life, choose a reliable manufacturer to purchase a smart bird feeder camera with a long life span when you choose to buy one.

How do I know if the smart bird feeder camera is working properly?

The best way to know if the smart bird feeder camera is working properly is to check the application. You can do this by opening the application and going to the feeder cam tab. Once you get there, you should see a live feed of what the camera is seeing. If you do not see anything, there is a problem with your settings or device.

The second way to check if the Smart Bird Feeder camera is working properly is to check the notifications on your phone. If you want to see any activity around the feeder, you should receive an alert. If there is no response after a period of time, there is a problem with the unit or its connection to Wi-Fi。

If your feeder is not working properly, there are several things you can do

Try moving the camera so that it is closer to your window or door. This will allow for better audio quality and clearer video images when using live streaming.

Make sure all cables are securely connected between the feed and the power source (electrical outlet or solar panel). If they are loose, they may not work properly or not work at all.

If you have any bad spots on your screen, contact a professional immediately so they can help you fix the problem.

The development of the smart bird feeder camera has helped many bird lovers to better observe birds, you can watch your favorite birds while they are feeding, you can watch them while they are sheltering from the elements, this is a great way to help you relax and enjoy nature, while also allowing you to monitor birds for illness or injury.

This type of camera can also be used to protect your birds from cats, raccoons and other animals that could harm them. And the overall design of the smart bird feeder camera’s large mountain wall roof helps protect birds from rain, and the slotted platform features drainage holes for easy drainage.

If you are also a bird lover, quickly buy a smart bird feeder camera, if you have any questions about the smart bird feeder camera can always contact us, we will give you a satisfactory answer in the fastest time!