Best biodegradable dog poop bags: planet-friendly poop scooping!

Cleaning up after your dog is all kinds of necessary, and as a fur parent it’s a task you’re most likely more than familiar with by now. Whilst picking up is pretty base level, there is actually a switch that you can make to be as kind as conscious as possible during your daily dog walks. That switch? It’s swapping out your regular plastic bags for biodegradable, earth friendly options that are gentle on the earth that you and your love exploring so much. Here’s why you need to ditch your current bags for the environmentally friendly option…

Clean and conscious

One of the clearest and most significant benefits of going biodegrade is that you’re being a clean and conscious citizen who is doing their part for the big beautiful world around us. As dog owners, spending time out in nature with our best friends is one of the best things to do, so why not give back whilst you’re out there enjoying yourself? Take the initiative and make the switch to clean, degradable bags that aren’t going to stick around for years in landfill. They’ll clean up your dog’s mess, degrade over time and filter back into the earth in the cleanest, kindest way possible. Being clean and conscious is something that you can feel good about on the daily, just adding to the joy that you feel when you’re out spending precious quality time with your best and fluffiest companion.

Sturdy materials

The right bags are going to be thick, sturdy and ready to take on any task that’s sitting on the ground in front of you. No one wants thin and weak poop bags, and you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality when you’re choosing the kind, conscious option. Look for thick and sturdy materials when you’re choosing your clean up bags to find an option that’s a step up in quality and consciousness – no losers here!

Bright designs

Although this is a definitely a secondary benefit of switching out your same old single use plastic poop bags, it’s absolutely a notable and brilliant one all the same. Bright, bold and beautiful designs stamped across your favourite poop bags will bring a special touch of fun to your park or neighbourhood adventures. Look for eye-catching styles to treat the two of you to something unexpected and joyful, even if it’s just for spicing up a run of the mill task that (if you’re honest) you’d rather not be doing.


As noted above, biodegradable bags are compostable meaning that they don’t hang around long after you’re done with your exciting doggy adventures. Well made, eco-friendly bags disappear back into the earth in the space of a few months, just like dog mess should do. This is a great way to kick start your conscious journey or to add to the list of do-good activities that you already commit to.

Why choose eco-friendly? 

We all need to be chipping in and committing to making a few simple switches when it comes to caring for the environment. Although the bigger changes might seem more significant, it’s actually the small things that you do each and every day that add up to create a huge impact at the end of the line. Think about how many poop bags you go through in a week, month and year – doesn’t seem so insignificant now, does it? Switching your simple, small products is one of the best things you can do when you’ve got green living on your mind. Once your small accessory collection is all cleaned up, you can start thinking about swapping out your other more significant pieces in your collection. Grabbing ethically, consciously made materials and biodegradable plastics makes such a big difference in the long run. You can find kind and conscious accessories including dog harnesses, collars and leads – just to name a few! Your dog deserves the best, and these eco-friendly options are going to be beautifully made, great quality and expertly designed, meaning that they’ll stick with the two of you for the long run.

Are you ready to level up your cleaning up? Start searching for some sturdy, mean, clean and green dog poop bags to do something good for yourself, your dog and the environment. You’ll start to notice that clean up time is a little more fun with beautifully designed eco-friendly bags that are as good to you as they are for the world. Upgrade your basics and follow through with the rest once you’re ready to commit to a biodegradable and earth conscious dog walking accessories kit – you can always do more when you’re trying to do your part! Get shopping for clean dog poop bags today.