Advantages of a Cat Probiotics Supplement

Probiotic supplements are common among humans. They, however, were not made for human use alone. Lots of other animals can benefit from the use of probiotic supplements just the same way humans gain a lot when they make use of these supplements. When used by humans, probiotic supplements have certain advantages and disadvantages. The same also goes for cats. This, therefore, makes it important to know the advantages of probiotic supplements for cats before going ahead to get them.

The digestive tract of cats plays a major role in keeping them immune from diseases. This is one reason having a balanced digestive system can go a long way in keeping your cat healthy. There are lots of ways to keep your cat’s digestive system healthy, one of these ways is giving your cat probiotic supplements regularly.

When given to cats regularly, probiotics supplements can keep your car immune to lots of illnesses and diseases. This is even more pronounced when these illnesses are related to the digestive system.

How Do Cats Benefit from Probiotic Supplements

There are lots of ways your cat can benefit from the use of probiotic supplements. In addition to helping your cat maintain its gut health, probiotic supplements can be used in preventing issues of diarrhea, vomiting, changes in stool, and decrease in appetite. That’s not all, cats that are given probiotic supplements regularly are better able to cope with inflammatory bowel diseases.

How Do Cat Probiotics Differ From Dog Probiotics

To the average person, dogs, cats, and humans can make use of the same probiotic supplements. The truth, however, is the probiotic supplements for cats might not be ideal for dogs. There are lots of reasons for this. However, one of them is there is a major difference between the digestive system of cats and that of dogs.

Cats have shorter intestines than dogs. This implies that it will take foods a shorter time to get digested by cats. Furthermore, cats’ cecum is a lot smaller than that of dogs. That’s not all. Cats traditionally feed on fats and proteins, they are carnivorous. Dogs on the other hand feed on a variety of foods. They feed on vegetables, protein, fruits, and meat. They are described as omnivores.

There is a lot of difference between the physiology, diet, and the anatomy of dog and cats. Due to this, cats and dogs cannot make use of the same probiotic supplements.

Can Cats Use Human Probiotics

Probiotic supplements are believed to carry out their function regardless of where they are. Cats might be able to use human probiotic supplements without facing any dangers, but they will not perform as well as probiotic supplements that were designed for cats.

Why is this so?

The reason for this is cats, as well as humans, do not have the same microflora in their intestines. If you must get the best when giving your cat a probiotic supplement, you will have to make use of probiotic supplements that were made specifically for cats.

How to Give Cats Probiotic Supplements

There are various ways to give cats probiotic supplements. Certain people only give probiotic supplements to cats when they have a challenge. While this works, you will get much better results when you give cats probiotic supplements every day. When this is done, it can go a long way to prevent any digestive issues from springing up. There are times a cat might not be comfortable taking supplements. Nonetheless, if your cat does not put up any resistance to taking supplements daily, you should go on and make this a daily routine.

Now, it might seem like giving your cat probiotic supplements daily is a waste of time. The fact is it could be a necessity. This is because the use of antibiotics can rid the cat’s body of the good bacteria which it needs to keep its digestive system in a healthy state. One way this phenomenon can be combated is by giving your cat probiotic supplements daily if it has been taking antibiotics for a fairly long while. That’s not all. It is also advised that pet owners give their pets probiotic supplements as they are just about to start using antibiotics. When you begin giving your pets probiotic supplements before its antibiotic dose, you should not just stop after you are done with its antibiotic doses. You should continue giving it probiotic supplements daily as it takes a fairly long time for probiotic supplements to help the good bacteria in the gut become healthy.

Although it is okay to give your cat probiotics every day, you will need to stick to the instructions that come with its package if you must give it the right dosage.

Do you have a cat that is not interested in swallowing a capsule? You can put this capsule in a treat and your cat will take it without knowing what it is. Also, when dealing with a cat that is not interested in taking probiotic supplement capsules, you can avoid using a capsule and make use of a product that you can sprinkle on your cat’s food. In as much as you can get the right dosage from the package a probiotic supplement comes with, it is best to talk with a veterinarian before going on to give your cat a probiotic supplement.

Are There Risks Associated with Giving Your Cat Probiotic Supplements

Probiotic supplements occur in cats. They, however, are not a popular occurrence. Regardless of how rare they can be, it is important that pet owners are careful when selecting probiotic supplement brands. The regulations that govern the probiotic supplement industry are quite loose. Furthermore, there are no rules that mandate brands to prove their labels. All brands have to do is respond to complaints if any arise and nothing else.

Although the probiotic supplement industry is not well regulated, there are ways to avoid buying the wrong brands. One of these ways to by purchasing a probiotic supplement brand that has the NASC label on its brand.