A Few Borzoi Temperament Traits That You Should Know

Borzoi dogs are undoubtedly one of the most majestic sighthounds out there. They are sleek and slender, which makes them incredibly faster and agile. Their slim and long legs help them run faster while balancing the giant body. The huge body and unique, long snoot make a Borzoi resemble a greyhound; that is why people often call it a long haired greyhound.

Since their origin from Russia in the 17th century, they have become widely popular worldwide. Thousands of people look forward to bringing these majestic dogs to their homes and lives. It’s essential to understand the dogs’ natural behavior before bringing them into your life, and you need to know how they will behave around your family members, kids, and surroundings. If you plan to buy or adopt a Borzoi, here are a few crucial temperament traits that you should know.

Gentle, friendly, and good-natured

Borzoi is loved for their gentle behavior and playful spirit. As their ancestors used to accompany aristocrats, they are gentle, respectful, and yet love to humor themselves with tricks and gimmicks. They are majestic and yet goof around you when they are happy. Thanks to their gifted body, they love to run around, and you better get ready to run yourself if you want to keep up with them.

Over the years, they transform from playful puppies into calm and graceful adult dogs. Though they become more graceful, they still have their goofy side intact. That means they will surely indulge in goofy shenanigans every once in a while.

Sometimes clingy

Borzoi dogs crave human companionship, and they don’t do well when left unattended for longer periods. They always need attention and someone to be right by their side. They can also suffer from separation anxiety like many other dog breeds. You can recognize the separation anxiety from their behavior. They start pacing, drooling, and get restless when you put on your shoes and think you might abandon them. They might bark and haul excessively when you are out. They might also scratch the door, tear cushions, and chew anything they can get their mouths on. That’s why it is vital to have at least one person accompany them in the home. If you work a strict schedule and cannot spend much time with your dog, it may not be a good idea to adopt or buy a Borzoi.

Large but not aggressive

The large size of Borzoi might deceive you. They are large, but that does not make them good guard dogs. They are all bark but no bite. They might be alert of the presence of a stranger, but they react aggressively as guard dogs do.

They usually trust people and are not shy of them. On certain occasions, when they feel danger or smell small animals like squirrels around them, they can get restless and little but aggressive. The same goes for when they come across another male dog. Early socializing can help them to become more comfortable and friendly around people.

Borzoi dogs are a lot similar to greyhounds when it comes to temperament. That means it won’t be inaccurate to call a Borzoi a long haired greyhound. Make sure you are familiar with their personality traits and behavior before bringing them to your home. It will help to create a bond with them and keep them happy.