6 reasons dogs need joint supplements

The biggest reason dogs need joint supplements is because they suffer from arthritis and other degenerative conditions.  These joint conditions can be caused by trauma (from an injury), injury (such as joint dislocation), and even by age.

1. Arthritis

Arthritis occurs when damage happens to the joint. That damage could be due to wear and tear aging, or injury that has left debris behind. Once that joint becomes damaged, it becomes weak and less stable. The joint becomes inflamed – swells – which causes pain for your dog. The swelling also puts pressure on nearby nerves, meaning any movement at the joint will cause pain!

2. To keep up with their Active Lifestyle

Another reason dogs need joint supplements is that they are very active animals. Dogs love to play with their owners; running around the yard with you, chasing a ball for hours! This type of play gives your dog a healthy physical and mental challenge, but it can also put a lot of pressure on their joints. Joint supplements can help to keep joint inflammation from happening from the wear and tear from active canine lifestyles. Dogs love to run around outside, but maybe they don’t have arthritis yet! Dogs with joint problems should still take joint supplements for another good reason: joint supplements will help them live longer!

With joint pain causing so much pain, dogs usually become less active. This is because they start avoiding doing things that cause joint pain. If you don’t let your dog’s joints become inflamed or weakened by joint damage before giving them joint supplements, they’ll be able to stay more active than if they had arthritis already!

This joint pain will cause your dog to be less active, which can lead to a weaker heart. Dogs have a very bad circulatory system compared to humans, so they get weak and sick more easily. If your dog’s joint problems are being taken care of with joint supplements, then they’ll be able to enjoy their favorite activities for longer!

3. Skin Inflammation

One way that joint issues affect all dogs is by causing inflammation of the skin around their joints. As the joint swelling goes down, this skin inflammation also subsides. This skin inflammation can spread from being just on the joint itself all over the body! Your dog may develop redness or rash anywhere if not re- reduced by joint supplements.

4. To go on Adventures with you

Your dog needs joint supplements even while they are young to make sure joint issues don’t stop them from the things they love to do. Jogging, running and other aerobic exercises are key to keeping your dog healthy. If joint issues are already present, joint supplements will have a greater effect for dogs that are younger, because it’s easier for their bodies to absorb joint support compounds.

With joint supplements, your favorite pup can keep up with you on long walks! Hikes are even better because of the sense of adventure involved in exploring new terrain. Dogs need joint supplements so they can go on these adventures without worrying about how far they may or may not get before pain makes it impossible!

5. They’re Showing Symptoms of Joint Pain

Dogs need joint supplements to help reduce inflammation caused by joint stress. Whether joint pain is a result of joint issues or joint stress from exercise, joint pain is never pleasant for dogs. You may notice that your dog limps or stops running altogether as a sign that something is wrong with their joint health.

6. They are Old

Even older dogs need joint supplements to keep up with a healthy lifestyle and maintain a good quality of life. Joint support supplements help support joint health in aging dogs by helping them feel more comfortable doing the things they enjoy most!

You can even give joint supplements to puppies! Joint supplementation helps provide great bone development which will serve your dog well later in life! This type of injury occurs commonly when playing with other dogs; since their bones are still developing, it is more susceptible to joint stiffness and joint pain.

An added bonus of joint support supplements is that they also promote joint health in younger dogs as well as older ones! Joint supplements help joint cartilage maintain flexibility, which makes running and playing easier on the dog’s joints.


None of us want our furry best friends to be in constant pain before we see the signs of arthritis! Smaller breeds tend to suffer from joint issues earlier than larger ones due to their size and weight; this can lead to early-onset arthritis and joint soreness.

Running and walking on concrete sidewalks or pavement for extended periods of time will damage joints over time; joint supplements work by promoting healthy joint cartilage through diet, supporting your dog’s bones’ ability to absorb calcium and joint support.