6 Essential Dog Lymphoma Care Tips

Dog lymphoma is one of the most common cancers that affect dogs, accounting for 15-20% of new cancer diagnoses.

It can be a devastating disease and if your best friend has just been diagnosed with lymphoma it’s important that you know how to support them.

Check out these six essential care tips for dogs with lymphoma.

1. Feed Your Pup Whatever She Will Eat 

Lymphoma in dogs causes a loss of appetite so it’s important that your dog gets key nutrients in whatever way possible. This might mean experimenting with different foodstuffs to find out what they can stomach.

When you find something that works, even if it deviates from their normal diet, feed them their favorite food.

2. Help Him Get Around 

Canine lymphoma can leave your pup feeling fatigued and lacking the strength to move around. This is particularly true for older dogs. Normal activities such as getting out of the car or climbing the stairs are challenging.

Understand your dog’s needs and assist him with getting around when you recognize that he’s struggling.

3. Provide Love and Affection

You may not be able to go running with your furry friend or on adventures to the park like you used to, but you should still shower her with love and affection. Your dog will still want and need your company.

Spend time petting and grooming her and generally hanging out near her.

4. Exercise Your Dog as Recommended 

Treating canine lymphoma doesn’t just mean stopping all forms of exercise so your pup can rest and recover. Exercise is good for dogs and it’s still possible and recommended for your dog to exercise within reason.

Your veterinarian will recommend exercise, the type, and duration, that your dog will be able to handle, and will help them to stay healthy during treatment.

5. Be Alert and Aware

When dogs are in pain or uncomfortable the signs aren’t always obvious. It’s up to you to stay alert and in tune with your dog’s needs by recognizing when they need something. The slightest indications or subtle changes in behavior are important for determining what they may need.

6. Try Alternative Treatment for Lymphoma in Dogs

CBD oil for dog lymphoma may have positive benefits for your pooch. It’s non-psychoactive so you don’t have to worry about your dog feeling intoxicated.

CBD oil for pets is becoming more popular and for dogs with cancer, it may help to provide relief from pain and discomfort. If they have to undergo chemotherapy, CBD may assist with the side effects and nausea, helping to increase their appetite.

Helping Your Pup Through Dog Lymphoma With Positivity

The most important thing is to remain positive. Your canine best friend feels and feeds off of your energy, so try to be a cheerful force in their lives and offer tons of love and affection.

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