5 Creative Ideas to Set Up an Indoor House for Your Pet Rabbit

Many people wish to keep rabbits as pets because they are attractive, cute, and cuddly. However, keeping a rabbit in the house is not as simple as caring for a dog or a cat. They need to be put in special enclosures and places for their safety. However, their enclosures must be designed to mimic their natural environment; otherwise, they would not suit your rabbit’s health. When it comes to housing indoor rabbits, you must build a cage where they have sufficient room to move; otherwise, the rabbit will look lethargic and inactive. Following are a couple of ideas for your pet rabbit’s indoor house;

Select a Theme

When you decide to adopt a rabbit, you first need to build a cage. An indoor bunny cage can be a proper cage or a wooden, wire, or iron fence. Ultimately, it’s up to you, but it’s a good idea to choose an intriguing rabbit cage for your home. Decorate the rabbit cage with a cute theme or use bright colors to keep it looking clean. Remember to keep your rabbit cage clean otherwise; there are several infections that the rabbit and you can suffer.

Select Storage Cube Cages

You may use wire cubes to build cages of any complexity, from simple to complex. Dowel rods can be used as pillars for planks when constructing a tiered house for your rabbit. Laying a rug over your usual flooring and placing vinyl, cork, or plastic below can help keep it clean and safe. If you don’t want to buy, there are numerous options for your next DIY project. You can use several items in your house to make a cube cage for the rabbit.

Recycle Old Furniture

Turn an existing piece of furniture into a bunny house. For example, you can take a sideboard or entertainment center and add wire to the doors before removing or cutting holes in the main walls to allow your rabbit to jump around. You can also introduce some dry soil or plants since rabbit’s love playing with them.

Dedicate a Small Room

If you have a small spare room in your house, it’s the best place to keep your pet rabbit. You need to decorate the room a bit, and you are good to go. You can paste wallpaper, hang pictures and make a small rabbit home within the room. The room can also be a small playground for these little fuzzy creatures.

Use Old Storage Containers

If you have some old storage containers or shelves, it would be a perfect in-door bunny house. You can cover it with a furry carpet and add a water and food feeder. You can also cut an entrance in the container and add ladders to make it more attractive.

Building an in-door rabbit house is all about your creativity. There are no right and wrong designs as long as the rabbit is healthy, happy, and playing in its home.