4 Myths That First-Time Dog Owners Need to Know

Most myths aren’t that dangerous. The fact that lightning actually does strike the same place more than once doesn’t really affect you… unless you happen to be standing near one of those places.

But when it comes to your puppy’s health, a lot of common myths are actually very dangerous and scary. Many of these myths are so popular that they’re passed from dog-owner to dog-owner as trusted advice.

To ensure you’re the best puppy parent possible, here are a few dog myths that you need to be aware of.

1. A Warm and Dry Nose Means a Fever

Your dog’s nose is not the barometer of health that many people would have you believe. The only way to tell if your dog has an actual fever is by using a thermometer, most often administered rectally (sorry, pup). A healthy temperature should fall between 100-102.5 °F, which means dogs generally are warmer than humans when they’re healthy.

The truth is that your puppy will give you any number of other clear signs that they’re running a fever, which may include:

  • Low energy or lethargic behavior
  • Coughing and sneezing (just like humans)
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Peeing noticeably more or less than normal, or in other places
  • Discharge from their eyes, ears, or nose

Look for the signs. “Their nose always knows” isn’t a real thing.

2. They’re Peeing on the Rug or Bed Because They’re Mad at You

Once you have housebroken your puppy, there is a widely held belief that your dog peeing on your bed or rug is a sign they’re upset. This is far from true and thinking this could mean that you’re missing a telltale sign your puppy has urinary stones or a possible infection.

Their pee isn’t personal, but that doesn’t make it pleasant. You can puppy-proof your bed by going to https://pawpad.company/ and picking up a PawPad® bed cover to protect your bedding against any sudden accidents.

3. An Energetic Greeting Means They Missed You

Of course your dog misses you while you’re at work. But that excited greeting when you get home isn’t all about you. Yes, they’re telling you that they’re happy to see you. But they’re also telling you that they have more energy than they know what to do with.

This is why the after-work-walk is almost always a good idea. Your pup has a whole day’s worth of energy built up and you need to give them a chance to burn it.   If you go to a dog run you can chill and let them play while you enjoy snab utbetaling and other options. 

An under-exercised dog is a dog that will misbehave. That energy needs to go somewhere, so let them run it off on a long walk and/or going to the park. The fresh air after a long day is good for both of you.  Take them to the dog park and let them run aroudn while you enjoy https://s-bobet.com as a great option. 

4. Your Dog’s Mouth is Sterile

Puppies will eat just about anything off of the floor, and sometimes that can include things like kitty litter, garbage or even their own feces. Their mouth will also frequent their own or other dogs’ private parts as well.

There is no magic chemical in their saliva that washes all this away and keeps their mouth sterile. You may want to start a healthy habit of brushing their teeth on a regular basis especially while they’re young.

Of course, there are a few dozen other puppy myths that you might want to be aware of. This is why you need to talk to your vet and trainer about your puppy’s needs.

Dogs can’t sort the facts from the fiction. You need to do it for them.