3 Best Pet-Friendly Vacation Spots In America

Having those little puppy eyes and wagging tails greet you every time you walk on that door is the most rewarding part of going home after a very long day. No matter how wonderful or bad your day went, he will be ready to leap and greet you with kisses. The very reason why as a fur-parent, you want the best for your fur-baby-the best food, the best treats, the best toys, the best vet, and of course, the best experience!

Fortunately for us with dogs, more and more places are opening their door not just for people but for our beloved furry friends too. We’ve listed here three of the must-visit destinations in the US (along with what to do here!) you should include on your bucket list.

1. Have a Disney Magical trip in Walt Disney World Resort, Florida

Having a furry little fellow follow you around and have his world revolve around you is magical in itself. So why not bring him to a magical trip on “The Happiest Place on Earth”? You might be wondering if you can even bring your dog with you at Disney, but don’t worry.

Last 2017, Disney announced that there would be a modification in their policy to make the place more pet-friendly, giving way to some Disney resort hotels to let you in with your fido. However, pets are still not allowed within the vicinity of the theme parks and water parks, except for medical or disability-related service dogs. This does not mean though that he could not enjoy the magic Disney offers.

You can start your day by checking in with one of their hotels, and one you might want to consider is Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. This was the first pet-friendly Disney resort, welcoming two dogs of any size for an additional fee of $5 per dog per night in campsites, and $50 per dog per night in cabins.

Our little advice is to plan ahead and book early as there are limited pet-friendly cabins. Also, proof of vaccination for your pup is required for booking! The best part is you can receive a ‘Pluto’s Welcome Kit’ which contains an ID tag for your pet, drinking bowl, mat, and a map for your stroll. How cute is that?

To add, staying in one of Disney’s pet-friendly accommodations will give you access to Best Friends Pet Care, the kind of paradise your dog can enjoy! This full-service pet resort will pamper your baby with its highly trained pet-care providers. They offer grooming services, doggie day camp, and boarding.

Make sure to end your day with snuggles and kisses while you both reminisce about the magical day you had!

2. Enjoy the waves in The Original Dog Beach, California

Taking a stroll with your bare feet in that fine beach sand while you hear the calming waves must be the dream getaway that crosses your mind once in your life, so imagine how much your four-legged buddy would love to run free in this same place?

Known as The Original Dog Beach, this San Diego beach is located at the northern end of Ocean Beach. This is one of the first official off-leash beaches in the United States, making it the perfect place for you and your dog to play catch and tease the waves. Meeting other doggos and fur-parents is also one of the best assets this popular beach could offer. You, your dog and your new friends could further bond with the wide selection of pet-friendly restaurants in the city. Be sure to also look out for several pet-friendly concerts and community events held throughout the year in this pet-loving community. You might just be lucky and witness an exciting dog surf competition! Various pet-friendly accommodations are also within your reach for a relaxing snooze you and your pal deserves after a long day.

3. Take a stroll back in time at Alexandria, Virginia

If you and your dog enjoy a chill vacation, why not travel back in time in the Old Town Alexandria in Virginia. This historic district with red brick sidewalk and 18th century and 19th-century old buildings will definitely make all the difference to your usual boring walk with your dog. Not to mention that this city is probably one of the most dog-friendly vacation spots in the States with its around 159 000 citizens and their 40 000 dogs.

Old Town Alexandria has a lot of pet-friendly hotel rooms, parks, and shopping boutiques that come with it. You may start your time travel by booking a room at The Alexandrian, a luxury hotel that will make your stay in this “Old Town” as stylish as it could get. Even before entering, this elegant hotel will make your pup feel immediately at home with the big dog bowl out front, and offer of dog treats in the lobby.

With this hotel strategically located on Kings’s Street, this is also a perfect a-paw-rtunity for shopping in the numerous shops this street boosts. Be sure to include in your visit one of the most visited shops, the Dog Park. Ready your wallet for the shop’s fresh all-natural treats, variety of toys, and just the cutest outfits and accessories for your spoiled fur-baby. Alexandria also boosts 18 leash-free dog parks in the area such as the Duke Street Dog Park which provides a large fenced grassy space for your Fido to run around freely.

The best way to end your chill vacation after walking and shopping? Have a coffee (or a beer!) at the Lost Dog Cafe, with a menu filled with dog puns. Visiting here would also give you a chance to know more and benefit the animals rescued of the foundation that the restaurant owners founded in 2001, the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation.

The world is for you and your pooch to explore. Great spots can let them play while you enjoy หวยออนไลน์ and other options.  So, go and conquer that list for the best experience and memories you and your dog can treasure. Have a furry exciting vacation!